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    Fund Accounting Software is Different. How and Why.

    On February 17, 2017 by tangicloud

    Accounting has two primary forms: For-profit and Not-for-profit. While they share many common elements, there is a significant difference in the accounting procedures, management objectives and...

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    The Cloud and Accounting Software: A Perfect Match for Nonprofits

    On January 24, 2017 by Jay Malik

    For a nonprofit organization, effective money management is key to operational success. Your nonprofit must be able to provide transparency to members and patrons alike. You must be able to achieve...

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    Saas Maintenance Fees

    On November 10, 2016 by tangicloud

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    6 Reasons Your Non-Profit Needs Fund Accounting Software

    On October 12, 2016 by tangicloud

    Pursuing Your Mission: 6 Reasons Your Non-Profit Needs Fund Accounting Software

    Working in non-profit organizations can be an exhilarating, rewarding and overwhelmingly positive experience, but it...

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    Data-driven Strategy for your Non-Profit

    On September 13, 2016 by tangicloud

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