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3 Tips to Keep Donors Interested in Your Nonprofit Organization

    3 Tips to Keep Donors Interested in Your Nonprofit Organization

    On February 03, 2016 by tangicloud

    Your Nonprofit organization relies on donations from supporters to provide services to their membership or the community, yet often have a challenging time keeping their attention long enough to enjoy repeat donations and long-term relationships.  It can cost as much as 10 times more to attract new supporters and when only one in four new donors continues to contribute, it becomes even more important to strengthen supporter relationships.

    Here are a few tips you can implement to keep supporters interested and engaged with your nonprofit organization.

    1. Show appreciation: Donors need to know that their charitable contributions are making a difference. Acknowledging support with a personalized email message and a simple 'thank you' will make donors feel appreciated.
    2. Make it easy to donate: Today's proliferation of mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, make it easier for people to shop and pay bills online. You can make it easier for your supporters to donate by offering payment options for mobile devices or simple-to-navigate webpages that offer options such as recurring donations.
    3. Share accomplishments: Streamline communications with your supporters. You can send project or financial updates to the donors who have supported specific activities. You can also send grant funding announcements or project completions to your supporters. Keeping supporters apprised of important events can keep them excited and interested in your nonprofit.

    Engage your supporters and develop stronger relationships with a powerful donor and financial management solution.