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Excel Import to Dynamics NAV: Tangicloud's Latest Feature


    Excel Import to Dynamics NAV: Tangicloud's Latest Feature

    On July 28, 2017 by Liesa Malik

    Microsoft Excel has over 750 million users around the globe, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV has over 120,000 organizations using that product.  Kind of popular, right? And yet, traditionally, the two software packages have had their challenges “speaking” to each other. If you’re one of those financial people who’ve spent hour upon hour tweaking your spreadsheet to fit into the meticulous requirements of mapping data in Excel to tables in NAV, there is now hope for a better experience.

    Recently, Tangicloud added a new feature called Excel Import to the fund accounting software that helps you map your data correctly within minutes instead of hours.  Tangicloud has re-built the mapping tool in order to make importing much easier and less time consuming, by offering:

    • 16 Pre-defined mapping layouts
    • The ability to create your own templates and save them to the Mappings list
    • Flexibility in column layouts – you no longer have to precisely match columns in Excel to imports precisely because of the need to manage comma delimited text files, because Tangicloud’s tool allows for Excel column headers that are translated during the import process and assigned automatically to NAV fields for your benefit
    • And speaking of a more relaxed structure, you don’t have to match case sensitivity or word arrangement in headers in order to pull in the correct data
    • You get a complete report of import errors so that you don’t have to go in over and over again, fingers crossed, only to get to line 999 out of 1000 lines and have to start over.

    “Accounting staff have enough detail-oriented work as is,” said Jay Malik, Tangicloud’s CEO.  “We wanted to build a tool to help cut some of the redundant workload and empower those users to more effectively leverage their Excel knowledge.”

    In the future, Tangicloud will have an export function in this new tool, and will offer the Import-Export between Excel and NAV tool as an App in the new Microsoft App Store

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