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    3 Key FAQs on Cloud Computing

    On August 04, 2017 by Liesa Malik

    The 21st Century is offering us a new frontier in computing.  We have all heard something of “The Cloud” by now, but as a business person, what do you need to know to keep your organization...

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    Tangicloud for NFP's

    On December 18, 2016 by Jay Malik

    Tangicloud Launches First Microsoft Cloud Fund Accounting Solution

    Tangicloud launches 'Tangicloud for NFPs', a Microsoft Cloud Fund Accounting software designed for Nonprofits.  The product, a...

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    The Microsoft Cloud

    On February 29, 2016 by tangicloud

    Every day, Microsoft is adding 1,000 organizations to The Microsoft Cloud.[1] "The Cloud" is a term that is used often but not always understood, so I'd like to look at some current statistics and...

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